Pre-Alpha Testing Opens for Kibou!

Project Kibou has been reborn as a C++ project, composed of a distributed system of servers, and has now entered the pre-alpha testing phase! Hosting is limited; therefore, only a select number of testing positions are available at this time. If you have an interest in testing, apply now on my testing forum. Thanks for your support and interest!
Project Kibou is a non-profit, self-study on inter-process communications. The goal of the project is to create an expandable distributed system of servers for an MMORPG client. The project implements IOCP and a threaded worker queue, accompanied by various data structures to process network data quickly and keep the response time of the server low.
Architect is a lightweight game map editor for Conquer Online developed alongside Project Kibou to aid in map design. The project uses formatted plain text files, which allows developers to automate edits and modify the map structure without using Architect. It also allows users to visually edit maps using the mouse and keyboard shortcuts.
In my free time on the weekends, when I'm not working on personal programming projects or studying, I enjoy exploring local nature and wildlife with my friends and digital camera. Photography is a hobby I developed as a young child, and has carried with me to my adult years. Click the link below or image above to visit my gallery of nature and city photography.