A non-profit, self-study on open distributed systems, inter-process
communications, and game server development, based on the Conquer Online
game client by TQ Digital Entertainment.

Cover artwork "Abandon Ship" by TitusLunter

Game Development

The video game industry has undergone massive changes over the past few decades. As a game developer, I take great pride participating in this new and evolving culture: designing my very own forms of mass entertainment. My primary focuses in  game development are engaging gameplay mechanics, immersive worlds, unique interactions, and practical game elements. Click here to view my recent work in game development.

Development Tools

As a software engineer, my highest priorities are usability and consistency in design, providing users with smooth workflows and effective system integration solutions. Therefore, the developer tools I develop are lightweight: driven by powerful command-line programs, scaled into clean and automatable user interfaces. Click here to view my recent projects for client editors and tools.

Help Documentation

In recent years, software and system complexity has increased by magnitudes in both the industrial and consumer markets. As a software engineer, I strive to make intuitive programs for all levels of user experience. Though my programs can be operated without documentation, it may be of aid in solving focused or complex tasks quickly. Click here for support and help documentation on my programs.

Recent Portfolio Additions

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